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New Delhi-based visual artist Imdad Barbhuyan creates atmospheric and intimate scenes by bringing out the poetry in the ordinary and mundane. Exploring themes of melancholia, memory, desire and intimacy, he creates a dream-like world that inspires contemplation and encourages a deeper connection with the natural world.

Contemplative in nature, his varied body of work is an amalgamation of editorials, portraits and still lives; documenting beauty and projecting a harmony between the natural world and human existence. He finds joy and inspiration in the simple moments of life and tries to celebrate them by elevating such musings into thoughtfully composed photographs. An emotional connection with his subject and an acute sensitivity towards natural light emanate throughout his work and guide his photographic process. His work has an air of mystery and a metaphorical dimension to it; there’s certainly more than what meets the eye, inviting the viewers to immerse themselves in his world and become a part of his imagination.

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